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What's Happening

2008 Highlights

  • Our Hippies Smell shirt appeared in the movie Strange Wilderness, starring Steve Zahn.

2007 Highlights

  • In October, A Fredhead met Jeri Thompson on the campaign trail and
    flashed her with his Fred shirt.

2006 Highlights

  • CNET Senior Editor Wil O'Neal is a fan. He worked two of our shirts into a recent product review segment on G4 TV.

2005 Highlights

  • Our Viva Reagan shirt appeared in the 11/25/05 edition of Stars & Stripes.

  • So unusual is the sight of a conservative on the upper west side of Manhattan, that it rates a mention in the New York Post.

2004 Highlights

2003 Highlights

  • Thanks to Mark Davis who gave us a generous plug on WBAP in Dallas.

  • Our "F the French" shirt was discussed in some detail on The Sean Hannity Show when someone tossed it up on stage at the Redondo Beach show.

  • The Philadelphia Daily News held a "French Diss" contest where the winner received our "F the French" t-shirt.

  • We were a part of The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web.

Who's Wearing Those Shirts

From left to right, The InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds, his wife Dr. Helen Smith, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, Drew Curtis of, Mary Katharine Ham of, Senior Editor Wil O'Neal, and author/blogger Bill Whittle.

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