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If we like your t-shirt idea enough to buy it, we will pay you $200 in cash. After it's printed, you'll also get a couple of free samples so you can see how it came out.


A few things to keep in mind:


- Your idea must be original.

- We will be buying your idea outright, not licensing it.

- The sale will transfer your exclusive copyrights to us.

- You can submit as many ideas as you want in a single submission.







Optional: If you have a graphic image of your idea, you may upload it to us.

Max file size 1MB - JPG, GIF, or ZIP files only please.

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By checking the box labeled "I agree to the terms below" and in consideration of evaluating your idea for its possible use, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. The submission of ideas to creates no obligation on either party to enter into any further business transaction whatsoever.


2. As the submitter, you affirm that the idea/image you are submitting is original and unpublished to the best of your knowledge.


3. The submitter agrees that any and all t-shirt ideas, once sold, become the intellectual property of Submissions that are not purchased remain the property of the submitter.


4. As the submitter, you recognize that on occasion, ideas that are substantially similar are submitted in good faith by more than one individual. In the case where receives the same submission from multiple sources, we reserve the right to compensate only the first submitter.


5. In accordance with our privacy policy, will not disclose your ideas to any third party.


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